Building the Right of the Grid House in the Woods

There are many potential reasons which make building shelter in an area out of the limelight. One of these places is in the woods. However, there are many considerations which should be kept in mind before embarking upon such an endeavor.

The first thing you must do is to carefully study the portion of the woods you are considering building a house in. Heavy research on the area must be conducted, preferably physically, or failing that, through internet searches and book reading. You must also take into account the type of climate the area usually experiences.

If your chosen location is mostly hot and dry, there is an increased risk of forest fires, which means you may have to reconsider your chosen area. You must also assess nearby sources of water. This is extremely important. If this isn’t available in good supply and quality, this makes the prospect of building your house in that area untenable. You must also consider if there is a driveway nearby should you either need more supplies or for any reason need to make an escape from the area.

The next question is of resources. It is preferable to use logs which are in the immediate vicinity, as this will save you having to transport logs to the site, and thus risking the ‘right of the grid’ status of your planned house. If you are planning to do this, you will need the correct tools, including: a chainsaw; an axe; a sledgehammer; a ladder; a tape measure; pliers and a wheelbarrow. In terms of building materials, you will need: foundation materials; logs; insulation materials; doors and windows and roofing materials.

Now to the actual building of the house. Firstly, you will want to lay the foundations of the building. For this, you will likely need a strip or a raft. Once you have laid the foundations, you will need to fell your logs, debark them and then notch and raise them. The best way to notch and raise the logs is through making vertical cuts to the logs through using a chainsaw, and then knock out wood chunks using a hammer. You then fit the logs. Next, you will need to create two gable walls for the roof joists to rest upon. These should form a triangular shape to create your roof.

Once you have the house built up, another very important consideration is that of generators. You will need either a whole house or a solar generator. Whole house generators are available on the market for prices of around $5,000. These are robust, effective and durable and are created for the purpose of emergencies, so will fit perfectly into your ‘off the grid’ house in the woods. Solar panels can also be fitted upon the roof of your new house. This will probably be a much more reliable bet in the event of a long-term, universal power cut, as energy from the sun can be used for the power needed to run your ‘off the grid’ house.

After you have then fitted the doors and windows and have decided the room allocation of each internal enclosure, you now have your very own ‘off the grid’ house in the woods, ready should the relevant situation arise.


Best gangster movies

With the vast variety of movie genres out there today, people still seem to flock to those that are “gangster” themed. Many of the most memorable movies of all time could be categorized as gangster movies. From the Godfather trilogy to Goodfellas and Casino, we all seem to have our personal favorites. They are packed with action, intrigue, thrills, drama that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat throughout the entire film. Though confident that most of us do not need to be reminded, here are some of the best gangster movies.

Goodfellas (1990) No one can forget this movie starring Robert DeNiro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesce. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the wonderful performances, intriguing storyline and memorable characters makes this one of the best gangster movies ever made.

Godfather Trilogy (1972, 1974, 1990) This is one of the most popular gangster. They joined the acting abilities of such symbols as Marlon Brand, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, James Caan and a host of other talented actors. The movies included a memorable storyline, outstanding acting, drama, thrills, and every other emotion it could render up. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola the movies garnered 9 Oscars. Without a doubt, these are one of the top gangster movies.

Scarface (1983) Who can forget Al Pacino’s line “Say hello to my little friend” in this gory yet thrill seeking gangster movie. Also starring Michelle Pfeiffer, this gangster movie kept us on the edge of our seat. Not only a great gangster movie but also one of the best thriller movies as well.

Pulp Fiction (1994) A deep, dark gangster movie not for the faint of heart, but an outstanding film directed by Quentin Tarantino. Starring such icons as John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, this gangster movie kept us thinking. Excellent acting, intriguing storyline, unforgettable characters, makes this movie a two thumbs up for one of the top gangster movies ever made.

Donnie Brasco (1997) A top-notch gangster movie that starred Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. The chemistry between these two actors made this movie an unforgettable one. Great storyline, roller coaster of emotions and a wonderful supporting cast puts this movie as a top-notch gangster movie.

Casino (1995) Not much to say about this gangster movie, it speaks for itself. Starring a list of top actors including Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesce, and Sharon Stone and directed by Martin Scorsese. This movie combines an unforgettable cast, great chemistry, and an amazing storyline. It definitely deserves a spot on the list of top gangster movies ever made.

Though there are many more that are on this list, these are just a few that have been extremely memorable. The genre of gangster movies reaches way back to 1912 and they have just become better with time. They draw us in and keep us under their spell. We will remember many of them for their fantastic actors, intriguing storylines and twists, and turns. We will also look forward to many more of them in the future as they are not going away any time soon